The Solution

Welcome to a site where Chinese consumers can confidently find US .eCommerce retailers servicing their unique needs, and your solution for expanding into China. AsiaCheckout's advanced technology now allows for the acceptance of UnionPay International debit cards online, inclusive of PIN-Entry and SMS Verification, opening up a massive cardholder market. Credit cards and eBank transfers are also supported.

We know that entering new markets can be expensive and challenging. Concerns about detecting fraud in a new region, learning how to effectively market to foreign consumers, shipping, logistics, language translation, unique payment types, currency conversion, how to handle returns and offer customer service - these are all important factors that need to be considered. Any one, or a combination of these challenges, can be daunting. US eCommerce retailers require a simple, quick to market solution that removes the barriers described above. To meet this need several top companies that specialize in facilitating international eCommerce came together to develop a solution targeted at the world's fastest growing eCommerce market…..China.